N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Igbo Union Aachen e.V

Igbo Union Aachen e.V was formed in 1991 in Alsdorf, a suburb city in Aachen.

There was a lot of Igbo indigenes around this time and we inter-visit each other regularly. We support and encourage each other. As of then most of us were young and unmarried, we celebrate our birthday parties together. And on one occasion we gathered to welcome a brothers wife that came from Nigeria and the turnout was very huge and encouraging that we decided to form a union that night. THAT WAS THE BIRTH of Igbo Union Aachen e.V!

Later it was registered in 1992. Our union was the first Igbo union in NRW. We have been facing a lot of challenges keeping the Igbo indigenes here together.

Igbo union Aachen e.V is one of the founding members of NIG and with the support of some of the founding fathers like High Chief Paddy Duruh, Chief Keney Obi, Onyenze Clement Nzerue, Mazi Orji Moses, Mazi Ben Ikejiaku etc, Igbo union Aachen will remain great and United.


  1. Patron: H/Chief Paddy P. Duruh  
  2. Chairman: Chief Keney Obi Onukelobi
  3. Vice Chairman: Barr. Andy E. Duru ( Acting)
  4. General Secretary : Nze Clement Nzerue
  5. Financial Secretay: Mazi Moses Orji


Represented by: Chief Keney Obi Onukelobi (Chairman)

Tel.: +49 1521 0457266
email: igbounionaachen@hotmail.com


Igbo Union Aachen e.V
Martin-Niemöller Str 20
52134 Herzogenrath