N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Nzuko ndi Igbo Cologne e.V

Nzuko Ndi Igbo Cologne e.V Germany was found and registered under Nr.13845, first as Obi Nwanne Ndi Igbo Cologne at the ministry of Justice in Cologne, by a group of Igbos residing in Cologne and its environ, as a socio- cultural, non-profit and non-political organisation with headquaters in Cologne, Germany in 2001.

The aims are

  • To promote Igbo language, culture and traditions of the Igbo’s and to advance the course of the Igbo’s as a Tribe and Nigeria as a Nation 
  • To organise socio‐cultural gatherings and symposia so as to showcase the richness of Igbo culture and consequently establish high value to promote the course of “Igbo people” 
  • To cater for the interests and needs of members and to help them and Igbo’s resident in Germany as well 
  • To offer counseling on social matters affecting members so as to assist them integrate and assimilate the traditions of Germany and other ethnic groups.



  1. Barr. Ike Okafor (Chairman)
  2. Chief Roland Nwankwo (Vice Chairman internal matters)
  3. Chief Benson Oruonye (Vice Chairman external matters)
  4. Chief Cajetan Akalite (Vice Chairman culture and events)
  5. Engr. Izuchukwu Oruche (Treasurer)
  6. Mr. Anthony Domnic (P.R.O)
  7. Mr. Kelechi Onuoha (Secretary)
  8. Chief Eugene Abughamba (Provost)
  9. Mr. Anayo Ike (Provost)
  10. Mr. Philip Oguike (Financial Secretary)


Represented by: Barr. Ike Okafor (Chairman)

Tel.: +4917680073179
email: nzukondiigbocologne.ev@web.d
Facebook: Nzuko ndi Igbo Cologne
Reg.: VR13845 KÖLN

Meeting point:

Körnerstraße 77,
50823 Köln
Anthony Domnic (PRO) +4915211927770

Postal Address:

Postfach 600519
50685 Köln