N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Obi-Igbo Rhein Main Frankfurt e.V

Obi Igbo Rhein Main e.V. formerly called Igbo Cultural Association Rhein Main (ICA) is the current umbrella organization for all Igbo people and friends living in Rhein Main area of Germany. Due to some structural challenges that confronted the Igbo Cultural Association (ICA) in the past few years, the Igbos in Rhein Main region initiated some bold structural reforms. After due legal and bureaucratic processes, the organization was re-named Obi Igbo Rhein Main e.V, and duly registered with the government as a non-governmental organization (NGO). The evolution of the union thereafter proved that the structural challenges that preceded the reform were more or less an important developmental factor in the cause of the Igbo people in this region.

At the spontaneous choice of the new name `Obi Igbo´ that was unanimously adopted by members, little did we know that the name underlines our philosophy and dreams of assuming a significant role in the lives of the Igbo people in Germany. `Obi´ in Igbo culture signifies the office or secretariat of a traditional Leader, where visitors and community members are received and important consultations and decisions being made. 


  1. Chuka Okoyeocha - Chairman
  2. Onyeka Nwani - Vice Chairman
  3. Chinasa Ezeji - Secretary General 
  4. Mba Embios - Assistant Secretary
  5. Ikechukwu Eriobu - Financial Secretary 
  6. Engr.Chiemela Onyele - Treasurer
  7. Charles Amorha - PRO 
  8. Che chukwumerije - Assistant PRO 
  9. Anthony Izundu - Provost  


Represented by: Chuka Okoyeocha ( Chairman)

Tel.: +49 171 275 7643
email: Obiigbo837@yahoo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/obiigbo.rheinmain
Reg.: Amtsgericht Frankfurt, VR 16380


Postfach: 200111 60605,
Frankfurt am Main

Voluntary donations and Bank payments

Bank Contact:
Obi Igbo Rhein-main Deutschland e.v
IBAN: DE 85501900006201124016