N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Board of Trustee (BOT)

The Board of Trustee consists of all chairperson/chairman of member unions.

The Tenure of each member of the Board of Trustee is 5 years. Members may be reappointed for only one more tenure.

A member of the Board of Trustee no longer hold such office: 

  • Upon resignation 
  • Removal by the Delegates Assembly for lack of competence or as a disciplinary measure.

The Board of Trustee performs the following functions

  • Make recommendations to the Delegates Assembly on specific issues that have been brought to the notice of the board for consideration
  • Formulate key policies and strategic goals for the attainment of the objectives of Nndi-Igbo Germany
  • Act as advisory body of N.I.G
  • Evaluate the budget of N.I.G and make recommendations to that effect